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iPhone Bengali script problems

iTransliterate iPhone app

Bengali vowels on the iTransliterate iPhone app

If you view writing in Bengali script on an iPhone you’ll pretty quickly notice a fundamental problem with the way it appears.

This has to do with vowels not being shown correctly and it occurs because of the type of fonts being used and the way they work.

There are two forms for writing Bengali vowels, a long and a short form. Vowels that appear after a consonant are shown in the shorter form, appearing as vowel marks or ‘kar’s. They are variously written before, after or under the consonant they actually follow when reading the word. Continue reading


Lingopal Lite (Bengali iPhone app)

Lingopal Bengali iPhone appOn the hunt for iPhone apps that would be useful to help me continue learning Bengali I downloaded the Lingopal Bengali Lite app over the weekend. Continue reading

3 Idiots iPhone app tops the charts

3 Idiots iPhone app

Having broken box office records since its release last year it would appear that ‘Aal Izz Well’ for Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots on the iPhone too. Continue reading

Being won over by the iPhone

Until I was given one I couldn’t see the point in an iPhone.

My mobiles to date have always been the cheapest pay-as-you-go ones, the kind that last two years  before they literally fall apart.

On one the number nine button stopped working, more recently another had a loose battery that would switch the phone at odd, usually inopportune, moments. Continue reading