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Film review: Mere Mehboob

Mere Mehboob film posterMere Mehboob (My Beloved) doesn’t get off to a good start, beginning with a ponderous title song I thought would never end.

Starting out with what looked like it would be a slow, predictable love story, I wondered how it could be sustained over three and a bit hours most Bollywood film run to. Thankfully the film quickly picked up, adding elements of family strife, heartache and villainous ambition to the mix.

It also culminated with rather a ‘Thomas Hardy’ section, where multiple plot twists are swiftly tied in the space of the last couple of pages after the story has spent rest of the book meandering along. Continue reading

Bollywood classics on Channel Four (Sept-Oct 2009)

Mahal film poster

Film poster for Mahal (1949)

Indian cinema has again returned to UK television as Channel Four kicks off another season of Bollywood films.

For the last 28 years the channel has provided a masala mix of Indian films from Mumbai and beyond. This time around it’s a 12 film season focused on early Bollywood classics.

It kicked off last week with the first two films, but before that the scene was set with The Golden Years of Indian Cinema, a 75-minute special from Movie Mahal, the Indian cinema series from the late 1980s. Continue reading