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Nepali cinema and Saanghuro on Channel 4

The last film in Channel 4’s current, short South Asian film season will be the Nepali film Saanghuro.

Director Joes Pandey’s debut picture is the story of a lower middle-class family living in an urban slum in Kathmandu and it portrays life as a constant struggle, according to Channel 4. Continue reading

Channel 4 chooses Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Nepali films over Bollywood for South Asian movie season

With_You_Without_You_Sri_Lanka_film_movieChannel 4 will shortly begin its first Bollywood South Asian film season of 2014 with a run of four films from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Cinema South Asia begins in Pakistan with Bol (Speak Up), the second film by Shoaib Mansoor, who boldly focuses on the repression of women in the Muslim world.

The film tells the story of Zainub Sayyed (Humaima Malik), a young woman about to be hanged for her father’s murder. Her final wish is to tell her story to the media who want to witness the hanging. Continue reading