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Film Review: Shree 420

Shree 420 (Mister 420) is a morality tale on the importance of living an honest life and the difficulty of succeeding in a big city, specifically Mumbai (or Bombay as it was known then).

The 1955 film sees Raj Kapoor play an honest tramp arriving in Mumbai from Allahabad. Tricked and robbed, he joins the destitute and unemployed who sleep by the roadside. Continue reading

1960-style Bollywood comes to Channel 4

Chaudhvin ka Chand film posterChannel 4 is shortly to celebrate Indian films made 50 years with a brief season of pictures all released in 1960.

It will take in Jis Desh Main Ganga Behti Hai, Chaudhvin Ka Chand, Barsaat Ki Raat and Parakh.

The UK television station says its aim with this season is to showcase the cinematic variety of actors Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt, and directors PL Santoshi and Bimal Roy.

The first two films in the run are:

  • Chaudhvin ka Chand – Monday 3 May, 00:10-03:00
  • Jis Desh Main Ganga Behti Hai – Tuesday 4 May, 00:45-03:45

Film Review: Awaara

Film poster for Awaara Awaara (The Tramp) is a film with a message, several of them in fact.

Don’t judge people by appearences, the iniquity of social class – and by implication caste too, unless I’m reading too much into it, and the corruption of youth by poverty.

The 1951 Bollywood film hangs on this last in particular, with a story that revolves around the  moral assumptions of Judge Raghunath (good people have good children) and his son Raj, born after Raghunath threw out his pregnant wife in a jealous rage. Continue reading