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Meeting a goal – books in 2015

From studying Bengali to blogging regularly, I struggled to find the time for many things I wanted to do more of last year.

But reading was one I did manage to keep up with, even meeting my annual Goodreads challenge to myself of finishing 35 books in the year.

Certainly there were some judicious choices made along the way to help keep the target within reach, but -for the first time since 2011 (during much of which I had a long train commute to work) – I did it. Continue reading

So as today, the rest of the year

Goodreads reading challenge 2013

So close. Again. For the second year in a row I’ve missed my Goodreads reading challenge, but at least 2013 saw me come within spitting distance of it, gaining ground in the last months of the year only to find it wasn’t enough. Continue reading

More reading in 2011

Once upon a time I read a lot, positively devouring fiction.

As a result I have a residual memory that tries to tell me I’m still a big reader, even these days, when there’s no denying that – between work, home, family and blogging (!!) – it’s harder to find time to read than it used to be.

I’ve just updated my Reading page and, totting up the books I read last year, see 2010’s final score comes to 19. Continue reading