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India on Film – BFI programme concludes with a Satyajit Ray season

Apu Sansar World Soutmitra Chatterjee Sharmila Tagore

The BFI’s India on Film season will conclude this month with a back-to-back showing of Satyajit Ray’s renowned Apu Trilogy on Sunday 10 December.

And if the thought of seven hours or so of Bengali cinema might be a bit much for one sitting, the London Institute is also showing the films – Pather Panchali, Aparajito and (pictured above) Apu Sansar – in single showings in the following weeks. Continue reading

Film review: Satyajit Ray’s Days and Nights in the Forest

Days and Nights in the Forest titles

Aranyer Din Ratri

Days and Nights in the Forest (Aranyer Din Ratri) is a particularly watchable Satyajit Ray film.

Its themes – a road trip, a quartet of young men, the clash between urban and rural society – are such recognisable ones, but beyond that there’s a completeness about the narrative.

The Bengali director allows the story to unfold with a satisfying sense of momentum and the film has a French new wave feel about it, thanks to the beautiful way in which it was shot (and the western habits of the main characters).

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A karate-kicking Feluda

Not sure how this cartoon version of Satyajit Ray’s famous detective passed me by, but here’s the trailer to Feluda – The Kathmandu Caper.

Set in the mountains of Nepal it’s “a memorable adventure with lots of drama and mystery, laced with subtle humour”, according to DQ Entertainment.

It’s also Feluda’s first-ever animated film, and so perhaps fittingly received its television premiere earlier this year on the Disney Channel India. However, based on the trailer alone, it doesn’t look like the character will bear much resemblance to his portrayal by Soumitra Chatterjee in 1970s Satyajit Ray films like Joi Baba Felunath, which is a shame.