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The Wire

The Wire

Last year I watched all five series of Baltimore-set US police drama The Wire when they were screened on BBC Two.

It made for such a dizzying sprint through the five series but one I had to keep up with, such was the draw of the show. The dvd boxset approach of broadcasting a series at double or triple time may well have been the way to approach The Wire, despite its late-night scheduling, allowing as it did for episodes to be gulped down.

Many’s the time, having just finished one episode I had to watch the next one’s introduction segment, even if there wasn’t time to see the episode all the way through – though frequently I found the time to watch the rest too. Continue reading


More Bollywood films on Channel 4

Channel 4’s current India Winter season of programmes is not quite as light on films as I first thought.

I’m off shortly to watch as much of Om Shanti Om as I can manage and then tape the rest, but there are more films scheduled over the next few days.

Tomorrow it’s Dhoom 2, an enjoyably glossy cop vs robber film – though with a quite baffling plot twist towards the end, and then Monday it’s Jodhaa Ackbar. Continue reading