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Google refines Bengali transliteration tool

Bengali Google transliteration toolGoogle has made some nice changes to  its online transliteration tool, which improve its usability by adding as-you-type suggestions of alternative spellings.

Given the variations possible in Bengali when it comes to letters like ‘s’, ‘r’ and ‘d’ the refinements to the tool are definitely welcome.

Now if company can only find a way to add the chandrobindu grammatical sign it could have the best transliteration tool for Bengali.


Google and language

Google BanglaIs there anything Google can’t do these days? My admiration for the company’s products is tinged by just a hint of conspiracy paranoia that it’s all a prelude to a world takeover.

But seriously, is there anything Google can’t do? It’s already, amongst other things, improved immeasurably the way the world searches the internet, changed the way we use maps, begun digitising the world’s creative resources, forced every website to go 2.0 with the release of sidewiki and is now, apparently, about to kill email with Google Wave.

Looking at language there are plenty of very clever things the company is doing. Although my interest is what these allow you to do in Bengali, for which most require the right fonts, they apply to many other languages as well. Continue reading

Bengali fonts

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I should (re-)structure my Bengali study.

It’s the age old student trick of not studying for an exam until you have produced a colour-coded revision timetable, something that is usually completed the night before the first exam. But no matter.

Reading Bengali websites, and having the right fonts to allow me to do that, will eventually play a part in this. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Continue reading