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5 Bengali words – religion (part 2)

nakhoda mosque - Kolkata

Nakhoda Mosque in Kolkata

দূর্গা পুজো এসে আমি ধর্ম-এর কথা শিখছি – বিষয় উপযুক্ত |

1. দেবতা, ভগবান,ঈশ্বর (Muslim) – god

2. দেবী – goddess

3. প্রার্থনা, নামাজ (Muslim) – prayer

4. প্রসাদ – offering of food

5. আশীর্বাদ – blessing, benediction

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5 Bengali words – religion (part 1)

Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata

দূর্গা পুজো এসে আমি ধর্ম-এর কথা শিখছি – বিষয় উপযুক্ত |

1. ধর্ম – religion

2. মন্দির – temple/house of worship

3. যাজক / পুরোহিত – priest (Hindu)

4.মোল্লা / ইমাম – priest (Muslim)

5.পাদরি – priest (Christian)

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5 Bengali words – স (s)

Continuing the new tack for my 5 Bengali words post here are five words that begin with দন্ত্য স (dōntyō sō), one of three ‘sō’ letters in Bengali.

1. সঙ্গীত – music, song

2. সড়ক – highway

3. সঙ্গীত – suspicious, doubtful*

4. সমর – war, battle

5. সমালোচক – critic**

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5 Bengali words – হ (h)

I’ve decided on a slight change of tack with my 5 Bengali words posts and rather than theming them by topic will try instead to pick out five words for each letter of the Bengali alphabet.

Choosing what topic to go for was starting to become a bit of a distraction from the more important business of increasing my Bengali vocabulary, though I may return to that approach later.

There is also the possibility that looking for words that are interesting or might be useful based on the latter they start with may help reinforce my knowledge of the Bengali alphabet.  Continue reading

5 Bengali words – work

After a good start to the year the frequency of my 5 Bengali words posts slowed from a steady stream to barely a trickle.

One of the reasons for this was my search for a new job, though I was lucky enough that the whole process took just four months.

Nevertheless, when my father-in-law asked recently about my চাকরি I knew it was time for some further Bengali revision. Continue reading

5 Bengali words – conurbations

This post isn’t exactly about conurbations, but I don’t think I use the word enough, so that’s as good a reason as any for its appearance in the title.

Instead the post is more about urban things (a pretty unimpressive phrase), so here’s my latest (sort of conurbation-related) 5 Bengali words post.

1 Town/city (n) – শহর  (sōhōr) Continue reading

5 Bengali words – big numbers

I’ve started working my way through the review of part two in Teach Yourself Bengali and have decided to tackle my mental block with crore and lakh.

The numbers are common in India and the surrounding countries, but for some reason I’ve never quite got my head around them, until now (hopefully).

1 Crore (10,000,000) – কোটি, ক্রোড়ে (koti, crore 1,00,00,000) Continue reading

Five Bengali words – lost and found

Google Bangla transliterationFind (vb) – পাওয়া (paoya)

Where (adj) – কোথায় (kothay)

Lose/misplace* (vb) – হারানো (harano)

I’ve lost my …** – আমার … হারিয়ে গেছে (amar … hariye geche)

I am lost – আমি পথ হারিয়েছি (ami pōth hariyechi) Continue reading

Bengali vocabulary – animals

Cow (Swiss Braunvieh breed), below Fuorcla Ses...
Image via Wikipedia

One of my strategies for learning Bengali has been to search out some childrens books in the language.

I started off with ‘A-Z’ (or rather অ – হ) handwriting books that show one letter per page, with each page filled with examples of things that begin with that letter.

Moving on from there I’ve also been learning vocabulary from a children’s Bengali word book and posting some of the word lists here. Continue reading

5 Bengali words – animals

This (long overdue) 5 Bengali words post is based on a longer one on ‘animal words’ I’ve had half finished for a while.

I’ll have the longer version ready soon and in the meantime have picked out some of those I’d particularly like to learn – so they’re perhaps not the most obvious animal words if you’re just starting out. (For Dog, Cat etc check back again next week.)

Fox (n) – ঁখেকশিয়াল (khekosiyal) Continue reading