Channel 4’s mini-Marathi film season set to continue with Kaksparsh and Ha Bharat Maza

Continuing Channel 4’s mini-season of Marathi films will be Kaksparsh – from established director-actor Mahesh Manjrekar (who played a gangster in Slumdog Millionaire) – and Ha Bharat Maza.

Set in Konkan in the 1930s, Kaksparsh (The Crow’s Touch) explores themes of sacrifice and morality within a Brahmin family. 

After his younger brother’s new wife is widowed on the first night of their marriage, head of the family Hari makes a promise that will determine the rest of his life

The 2012 film is followed by Ha Bharat Maza (My Country Is India), the final Marathi movie in Channel 4’s Indian Film Season and the second film in the run from directors Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar.

The duo set this award-winning story against the backdrop of social activist Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption campaign, against which they frame a financial and moral conundrum – should a family offer an exorbitant ‘donation’ to a renowned college so it will bend the rules and accept their youngest son; or should they settle for a lesser education that’s within their means and the law?

•  Kaksparsh – Tuesday 4 November, 01:30 – 03:40
• Ha Bharat Maza – Thursday 6 November, 00:50 – 02:50

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